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In Park Lane School we ensure that numeracy is taught both as an academic subject and as a life skill. We understand the importance of mathematics and numeracy, how it can underpin so many aspects of our daily lives and is essential for progress in other areas of learning and experience.

In order to encourage our pupils to achieve in numeracy, we have looked at both the new curriculum and Numeracy Framework and developed a tailor-made curriculum for Park Lane which focuses on the individual needs, abilities and potential of all our students.

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Numeracy Aims

We strive to offer an engaging and personalised approach that suits the needs of all our learners. Mathematics and numeracy is delivered through:

New Curriculum for Wales'

4 Numeracy Statements

Number System

The number system is used to represent and compare relationships between numbers and quantities.​


Geometry focuses on relationships involving shape, space and position, and measurement focuses on quantifying phenomena in the physical world.​


Algebra uses symbol systems to express the structure of mathematical relationships.​


Statistics represent data, probability models chance, and both support informed inferences and decisions.​ ​


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