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The wellbeing of our pupils here at Park Lane is of the upmost importance and at the heart of everything we do. During these uncertain times, this is even more important to our school community. Our Recovery Curriculum is a key feature of our revised wellbeing approach and aims to support our pupils through the losses they may have experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Thrive Approach

At Park Lane we have adopted the Thrive Approach as a tool to assess pupil wellbeing. It is a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional developmental needs in individuals. The approach uses art and play based activities to promote and support pupil’s emotional and social development. At Park Lane we want to develop happy, healthy, curious and confidence individuals who are ready to learn. Thrive equips staff to work in a targeted way, with pupils who may have struggled with difficult life events, in order to bring pupils back on track and to re-engage with learning.

Thrive uses a developmental framework to clarify the connections between emotional and social development, behaviour and learning.

It is often referred to ‘the building blocks of life’ and helps us understand development from birth to adulthood. The role of adults should be in facilitating a child’s development at each of the different stages. We currently have 3 members of staff who are ‘Thrive Licensed Practitioners’ 

Eye to Eye

To support our pupils further we often refer individuals to Eye to Eye, a young person’s counselling service based in RCT. We are very fortunate to have the services of a qualified  counselling service based in RCT. We are very fortunate to have the services of a qualified councillor visiting our school on a weekly basis.

Our designated Eye to Eye school-based counsellor is Roze Richards. 

Referrals can be made directly through the class teacher or by contacting Eye to Eye directly on 01443 202940

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Wellbeing at Park Lane

Other wellbeing projects at Park Lane include Healthy SchoolsRights Respecting School, daily yoga and mindfulness sessions, Music therapy, Daily Mile.

We also use My Safety Net. My Safety Net is your place to: 

Take a deep breath and a long exhale out -feels good, doesn’t it? Try this mindful breathing exercise to help you feel calmer and more present