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Recovery Curriculum February 2021

As a school, we will be implementing a “recovery curriculum” for this period and into next term which acknowledges that there have been big losses for our children as they have stayed at home, and that these losses can contribute to pupil’s mental health. We have been thinking about what a curriculum might look like for our pupils in this next phase of school and have used some guidance from a researcher of education (Barry Carpenter) to help us with this. 

5 identified losses a pupil may have experienced

“The common thread that runs through the current lived experiences of our children is loss and from this loss, feelings of anxiety, trauma and bereavement can arise.”​

Our 4

Recovery Areas

For all of these things to all appear at once in an untimely and unplanned fashion is significant for the developing child. Our children are vulnerable at this time and their mental health fragile. 

Transparent Curriculum
Health & Wellbeing

Alexander Den Heijer

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”

The 4 Recovery Areas